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Fond du Lac Yacht Club
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
43.797697, -88.435692

Welcome to the Fond du Lac Yacht Clubs New Online Harbor!

Our 2018 Membership Renewal Process is underway.  

What is new?  What is different?

Let's start with different.  There is NOTHING DIFFERENT about the renewal process...if you don't want it to be.  You will receive a statement from the Club in the mail if you have not done anything online.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO RENEW ONLINE!  This is an option for you to do and is NOT NECESSARY.  Simply mail back the form we send you with your fee and you are done.

What is new?  Simply put...we are now offering you additional ways to take control of your membership renewal.  You can now pay online via a credit card or by printing out an invoice from the site and mailing it with your check.  Once you start the process we can see that you are sending it in and can skip mailing you your statement!  Saves the club some money and keeps your dues down.  If you chose to pay via credit card, you will get an email immediately stating that your dues are paid and it will have your new membership expiration date.  You will not need to do anything else.

Please ask us any questions that you might have.  Thank you for supporting this change and for understanding that we are learning the ins and outs of the new system just as you are.

----->  As always, your dues are not due to the Club until the end of the day on January 31, 2018.

Welcome Members
Welcome Members

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